Bed-Wetting (enuresis)

Oils & Blends:  Balance, Cilantro, Cypress

Essential oils based products: Life Long Vitality supplements, GX Assist, PB Assist

Suggested protocols:

Since there are a variety of root causes it may take some experimentation to find the right combinations of helps to use. Some things work for other some do not. Read the experiences of others to help get a full perspective.

Some oils and supplements that have worked for others:

• Life Long Vitality supplements (if the child is old enough for capsules), GX Assist and PB Assist

• Cilantro, 7 drops in a capsule, 1 -2 per day

• Cypress, rub 2-4 drops on bladder area before sleep

• Balance, massage 2-4 drops on feet at bedtime. Use as an opportunity for quality, loving, reinforcing time

Other helpful hints:

• Lots of hugs and positive reafFirmation during the day

• A number suggest getting off of dairy products was the key

• Keep the child warm at night

• Rub diuretic oils on the feet and ankles 2 -3 hours before bedtime

Try physical controls by:

• Limiting liquid intake 2 – 3 hours before sleep

• Encourage urination just prior to bedtime

• Use an alarm for urination during the night

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